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The Food People Hate the Most in Each State

From tuna salad to string cheese habits, every state has its own unique food quirk
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If you hate all the same things, it must be true love. Or at least, that’s the basis behind the dating app Hater, which matches couples based on mutual dislikes. The idea came from a University of Oklahoma study that found that sharing a hatred for (or a negative attitude toward) the same thing formed an effective bond between people.

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Unlike Tinder and Bumble, the app has users swipe “love,” “hate,” or “like” on famous people, activities, and concepts before it uses its algorithm to match users with others who have swiped similarly. A representative from Hater revealed to HuffPost that the app offers over 3,000 topics to swipe on. That’s a lot to hate on!


Since the app’s launch in February, Hater has been gathering data on what its few hundred thousand users across the United States hate the most, and we wanted to find out what this has revealed in terms of food. At The Daily Meal’s request, Hater pulled the top food-related dislikes for every state from their database and it is frankly a fascinating look at America that we haven’t seen before. From tuna salad to biting string cheese instead of peeling it, every state has its own unique food quirk. Read on to find out which food people hate the most in each state!