Hummus and Ranch Dressing Are Now Combined Into One Glorious Snack Product

Tribe Hummus will be releasing a limited edition dairy-free ranch hummus flavor for the ultimate snack dip combo

Combining the flavor of ranch dressing with the texture of hummus? We wonder why this has never been thought of before.

Tribe Hummus has released a new limited-edition flavor that we can probably all appreciate: Ranch Hummus.Combining two of America’s favorite dips into one product, Ranch Hummus is now available at grocery stores nationwide.

“Ranch is America’s most popular salad dressing, and we’re betting that it transitions nicely to a hummus flavor,” said Adam Carr, Tribe CEO in a statement. “Ranch has successfully moved from a salad dressing to a dip, and that’s what inspired us to add it to the Tribe lineup. Exciting flavors continue to drive the market, and Ranch should certainly excite our current hummus lovers and soon-to-be hummus lovers.”

Ranch is the best-selling dressing in America, according to consumer data (outpacing second-place blue cheese by 2:1). This is just the latest in a line of limited-batch flavors Tribe will be releasing. It will be available from now until the spring. After then, we’ll just have to mix ranch with hummus manually.