Cheetos Museum
Pauline Lacsamana

Believe It or Not, You Can Now Visit the Official Cheetos Museum

The museum is located on West 42nd Street in New York City
Cheetos Museum
Pauline Lacsamana

The museum will be open through the summer.

If you’ve ever gone through a bag of Cheetos and thought, “Hey, this kind of looks like a cat,” or some other sort of animal (like the Harambe Cheeto that sold for $100,000 on eBay), human, or object, you’re not alone — thousands of people have submitted their most bizarre finds to Cheetos through the brand’s online contests, and now there’s a whole museum dedicated to them.

Cheetos has partnered with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! to create the official Cheetos Museum in New York City, featuring some of the best submissions they’ve received since launching an online museum in 2016.

Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted by a giant statue of Chester Cheetah holding a larger version of last year’s contest winner: a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos cat. In the exhibit, you can find a Cheetos infinity hall lined with mirrors, and then you make your way to the Cheetos room, with around 130,000 Cheetos covering the walls.

In addition to the exhibit, which will be open through the summer, Cheetos is launching its second competition for the Cheetos Museum, but this time Cheesy and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are going head-to-head to see which flavor has birthed the best Cheetos masterpieces.

Fun-shaped Cheeto submissions can be made online via the museum's website or through Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags “#CheetosMuseum” and “#Contest” through August 6. Submissions will be judged every week, with two winners, one Cheesy and one Flamin’ Hot, to receive $5,000 each. In total, $100,000 in prize money will be awarded.


Can’t make it to the Cheetos Museum? Click here to get an inside look.