rainbow grilled cheese
Happy Cheese Toast

This Rainbow Grilled Cheese Is Giving Us Life

You have to see this rainbow creation ASAP
rainbow grilled cheese
Happy Cheese Toast

Grilled. Freaking. Cheese. Could such an ideal food possibly be improved? We didn’t think so — until today. In an epic new version of the childhood classic, crispy, buttery bread hugs melty, gooey cheese in the traditional, mouthwatering way, but the cheese is — wait for it — rainbow.

Just take a second to imagine and appreciate the cheese-pull possibilities in each one of these sandwiches.

Oh, you’re drooling? You’re welcome.

The rainbow food trend has been around for quite a while, though we must admit we thought it had reached its peak. After the rainbow bagel spawned a legion of similarly decorative creations, the internet’s lame attempts at the rainbow food hype were beginning to look desperate. And when big, millennial-funded companies like Halo Top hopped onto the trend, we were worried people might begin to suffer rainbow fatigue.

But luckily, a Thai pop-up appropriately named Happy Cheese Toast has saved the day. They cultivate craft rainbow cheese blends, and among the local #blessed community, they’re in high demand. The company apologized to its guests on Facebook, lamenting that they could only produce 200 cheeses in a day with their current labor capacity.

How does one make a rainbow grilled cheese? It all starts with the cheese itself — the rest is as easy as any other fried bread and Cheddar sandwich.

The entire production process is mesmerizing to watch.


Sadly, they’re a pop-up in a food marketplace in Thailand, so we were unable to get our hands on one. But we'll just make a few other epic (yet monochromatic) grilled cheeses in the meantime to ease the pain.