The Food People Hate The Most In Each State Slideshow

The Food People Hate the Most in Each State

If you hate all the same things, it must be true love. Or at least, that's the basis behind the dating app Hater, which matches couples based on mutual dislikes. The idea came from a University of Oklahoma study that found that sharing a hatred for (or a negative attitude toward) the same thing formed an effective bond between people.

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, the app has users swipe "love," "hate," or "like" on famous people, activities, and concepts before it uses its algorithm to match users with others who have swiped similarly. A representative from Hater revealed to HuffPost that the app offers over 3,000 topics to swipe on. That's a lot to hate on!

Since the app's launch in February, Hater has been gathering data on what its few hundred thousand users across the United States hate the most, and we wanted to find out what this has revealed in terms of food. At The Daily Meal's request, Hater pulled the top food-related dislikes for every state from their database and it is frankly a fascinating look at America that we haven't seen before. From tuna salad to biting string cheese instead of peeling it, every state has its own unique food quirk.


People in Alabama can't stomach the idea of Chipotle for a meal. Maybe they'll change their mind once they try Chipotle's new queso!


For whatever reason, Alaskans just aren't that into Voss water. We bet they don't even care about the two flavored sparkling waters Voss added to their lineup last summer.


People in Arizona find kombucha #basic. They might feel differently if they knew it was taking over the bar scene!


Cilantro leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the citizens of Arkansas. Why do some people love cilantro and some people hate it?


Californians are anti-Chick-fil-A. If you share their dislike for the chicken chain, watch this Chick-fil-A get trashed over chicken nuggets.


You would think that Flamin' Hot Cheetos would be a great remedy for the munchies, but Colorado says no to this spicy Cheetos variety. Maybe they would change their minds if they had a chance to visit the world's only official Cheetos museum.


Connecticut thinks it's too good for canned food. Maybe if they knew about these 8 quick and easy dishes they could make with canned foods, they would change their mind.

Washington, D.C.

The powerbrokers in our nation's capital won't touch turkey bacon. Maybe folks inside the Beltway think the annual Thanksgiving presidential turkey pardon is universal?


Hawaiian pizza is a big no-no for the people of Delaware. We imagine that Gordon Ramsay (the most famous a pineapple-on-pizza hater) would feel right at home here.


No matter what flavor it is, Floridians detest licorice. Maybe they heard that eating too much black licorice can induce seizures and heart problems!


People in Georgia won't touch tuna salad. Maybe this tuna salad with cucumbers, cranberries, and pecans will change their mind.


Hawaiians wish they could say bye bye to Coke. If it's because of Coke's sugar content, then they should kiss these 5 foods and drinks with as much sugar as a can of Coke goodbye as well!


Idaho wishes it could eliminate dim sum. They would really not enjoy this seven-course dim sum meal on a Hong Kong party bus then.


People in Illinois love their dairy. But nothing bothers this Midwest state more than people biting into their string cheese instead of peeling it like a sensible person.


The down-to-earth folks in Indiana just don't want to deal with a bougie charcuterie plate. Perhaps it's because it's so hard to pronounce correctly.


Iowans roll their eyes at quinoa, which is perhaps to be expected in a state famous for its corn. Maybe they should try putting the two staples together in a quinoa breakfast burrito.


Kansas can live without shellfish, which makes sense, considering it's about as far from the ocean as possible. Luckily the state has some of the best ribs in the nation.


There are a whole host of dips and spreads the populace of Kentucky would rather sample than hummus. Maybe they would like it better if they knew hummus and ranch dressing are now combined into one glorious snack product.


They must have mistaken them for chocolate chips one too many times — people in Louisiana hate cookies with raisins.


It's either one specific country's cuisine or it's out! Maine does not play with Asian fusion. Better find out where the best Chinese restaurant in Maine is!


Maryland wants the whole thing! Not just the corner piece of a brownie. Marylanders should check out this recipe for individual dessert pizzas! That way nobody has to share.


Ketchup is fine, but people in Massachusetts think it's nasty to put mayonnaise on fries. Some people might argue that if you aren't dunking your fries in mayo, you aren't truly living.


Since it gets pretty chilly in the mitten, it's understandable that people there want their pizza piping hot. If you're a cold pizza hater, you need to check out these 5 ways to reheat cold pizza.


Beans are not the magical fruit for Minnesotans, so you may not find them in your hotdish. Hopefully their distaste doesn't apply to jelly beans too!


The people of Mississippi want to forgo sour cream on all of their meals. They are supremely missing out on this Mexican sour cream and cheese enchilada recipe, then.


If you can't finish your hot dog, don't give the last bite of it to anyone in Missouri. They hate only getting just a bite! Luckily they have one of the best hot dog spots in the nation, so they don't have to share.


Montana hates pumpkin spice anything... so no PSLs, then?


People in Nebraska don't want any chile peppers spicing up their runzas. Maybe they would like them more if they knew eating hot peppers is linked to living longer.


It may be the most popular drink with millennials, but Nevadans hate La Croix. They know it's just flavored seltzer water, right?

New Hampshire

No expensive cocktails for people in New Hampshire! All drinks should be free for the state with the restaurant that claims it invented chicken tenders.

New Jersey

We have to agree with New Jersey on this: no one wants to actually drink gas station wine. However, gas station food and beverages aren't always terrible elsewhere — this Chicago gas station actually has a tasty menu.

New Mexico

People in New Mexico don't like chicken nuggets — but why? Even the scent of fresh chicken nuggets inspires us to act like this man who ate more than a pound of them in three minutes.

New York

North Carolina

North Carolinians don't care how big or small the curds are, they're not eating cottage cheese! If anyone in North Carolina is weight training, they might change their mind.

North Dakota

North Dakotans don't do small plates. No tapas now or ever! Guess they won't be celebrating World Tapas Day.



Oklahoma thinks veggie burgers are a waste of time! Maybe they just haven't tasted the right one yet.


Of course Oregon hates fast food. It's a slow food state.


Pennsylvania wants to say bye bye to chai tea lattes. Maybe superstar Taylor Swift's chai tea eggnog cookies will change their minds.

Rhode Island

People who live in Rhode Island find capers to be a nuisance. That's unfortunate because of how tasty it is in this white fish with lemon, mustard, and parsley recipe.

South Carolina

Matcha tea is no match for the population of South Carolina. Guess we can count them out on these Japanese matcha Mentos then.

South Dakota

South Dakotans don't want to shell out cash for expensive cheese plates. Maybe they just need to learn how to build their own!


Foraged food was just a passing fad for people in Tennessee.


Folks in Texas have no love for people who order steak cooked well done. We imagine they'd have some cross words for Donald Trump.


Utah does not enjoy balsamic vinegar on anything. That's why people there probably have such stain-free teeth!


Admittedly, Vermont has some excellent cheese. So hating chemical-tasting spray cheese makes sense for the people of this state. However, this rainbow grilled cheese would probably give them life!


People in Virginia don't want to see you dabbing at your pizza grease with a napkin! The grease is the best part! We bet these inmates who can order pizza directly to their cell at this jail don't mind a little oil.


You might get a few dirty looks picking up Keurig k-cups in Washington. That's why Keurig is changing the game by helping you brew your own Budweiser at home.

West Virginia

No bones about it, West Virginians hate tofu. They may be on to something — a tofu habit was to blame for this man's 500 kidney stones!


They may be the perfect snack for kids, but people in Wisconsin feel like everyone needs to grow up about liking Lunchables. Adults who don't eat the bento-inspired cracker stacker packs probably make their own work lunches the night before.


Wyoming wants all of the gluten! Nothing gluten-free now or ever! Wyoming is just like the Vatican! They've outlawed gluten-free bread for Holy Communion. You also can't shoot a fish in Wyoming (who knew?). Read on for the weirdest law in every state.