#95 Lucali, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Pepperoni) from 101 Best Pizzas in America 2013 (Slideshow)

101 Best Pizzas in America 2013 (Slideshow)

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#95 Lucali, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Pepperoni)

Take a pinch of Di Fara’s Dom DeMarco, add a dash of the murals of Gino’s of Long Beach, stretch the amount of un-sauced classic Coney Island Totonno's crust a bit wider, add in a few intangibles, and you may just be getting close to the pizza experience that Mark Iacono has become famous for in his Carroll Gardens pizzeria Lucali since opening it in 2006. The crust has that classic New York thin-crust style with whispers and echoes of the old-school execution praised at the city’s most storied and beloved institutions past and present. Eating a pizza in the warm, softly lit environs of Lucali, you wonder how Iacono magically and mysteriously inherited from Gennaro Lombardi pizza primogeniture. Iacono, who survived a serious stabbing a few years ago that left him as late as last year with no feeling in about 50 percent of his body, hasn’t seemed to slow down, continuing to draw crowds and fans at the original Brooklyn spot, and is experiencing the same accolades in his much newer Miami location.