Joe's Pizza

150 E 14th St
New York NY 10003
(212) 388-9474
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Foursquare Tips
Soo Yoo
A bit crisper than its West Village original but still good!
James Green
This is the pizza you're looking for.
ben m
Both locations make the best slices in the city. My wife had a slice only hours before my daughter was born. I guess the baby saw what she was missing out on.
Vic C.
Just a good slice of pizza
Ellis Hamburger
My favorite slice in NYC. So simple. So delicious. The tomato sauce is everything.
Ki Choi
What can you say about this place other than the fact it's the best slice in NYC?
Maxwell Norton
Have pizza at 11:04 pm weird ANd cool and awesome
Halstead Property
Although there’s no surprise toppings, that sweet tomato sauce flavor and just the right amount of cheese sprinkled on top makes this one of NY’s best classic plain or mozzarella cheese pizzas.
Sam Spade
Go to the original. Noticeably better. It saddens me to say this.
Ki Choi
It's everything you would expect a slice of NYC pizza to be and more. The crust, the sauce, the cheese to dough ratio - all perfect at Joe's.
Shaireen Karim
Way better to stop here at the end of the night than waiting for a slice at Artichoke!
Kat Kim
Best slice in the city. Go traditional, it can't be beat.
Village Voice
Their classic slice reigns supreme in terms of neighborhood pizza, but try the Sicilian slice to change things up; it has a thicker crust, more sauce an more deliciously melted cheese! Yum.
Bane Darkin
This is the quintessential NY slice and where you should point out-of-towners for pizza. Well, your friends at least. Please direct slow-walking tourists to the nearest dollar slice joint.
Bryan Gaffin
Justin Orgel
Still the best but losing credibility for Kardashian wall photo
Jeffrey Greenblatt
Just as good as the original in the West Village - my favorite slice in the city
Marc E
Tasting Table says: This famed Carmine Street pizzeria has opened a Union Square location. This is the first expansion in 37 years.
Alex Fish
Now no need to trek to Carmine Street for one of the best slices in the city
Same folks behind the Carmine St. location. They deliver!
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