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On South Main Street in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, Al Forno offers quintessential Italian dining for those who can’t afford the flight. Husband-and-wife owner–chefs George Germon and Johanne Killeen received the Insegna del Ristorante Italiano from the Italian government, a rare honor for Americans, attributable to their informed passion for pasta along with their invention of the grilled pizza.

It’s a style that celebrity chefs have been noting on TV for a while now, and that’s spawning its own offshoots. The restaurant bakes pies in wood-burning ovens and on grills over hardwood charcoal fire. Their most notable grilled pizza? The Margarita (sic). It’s served with fresh herbs, pomodoro, two cheeses, and extra-virgin olive oil.

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Owners Johanne Killeen and George Germon have been serving grilled pizzas and oven-baked dishes for almost 35 years. If the sweet-sour-spicy Dirty Steak isn't on the menu, ask for it anyway.
The Wall Street Journal
2014-10-08 11:00:11
Best in Rhode Island
2011-10-13 13:18:48
This place has been called the birthplace of grilled pizza, but its also loved for its Dirty Steak a New York strip laid directly on the embers.
2012-07-19 16:09:24
A trip to Rhode Island isnt complete without a meal at Al Forno an authentic Italian menu that uses all locally produced goods.
The Daily Meal
2011-06-09 10:27:40
The birthplace of grilled pizza, and the Dirty Steak a New York strip laid directly on the embers, yielding an amazing crust.
2010-11-22 16:37:27
You must try the Clams Al Forno
2010-06-16 18:56:05
Went here for Valentine's Day. Romantic and classy. Get the handmade beef short rib ravioli or splurge on the dirty steak. Both are delicious!
2016-04-01 23:33:58
Dirty steak. Don't think about the price & don't think twice about ordering it. Beautifully done with a sauce that is currently making my mouth water as I'm recalling this delicious experience.
2016-02-20 10:51:32
Absolutely every single item on the goddam menu.
2014-08-08 19:18:40
Fabulous dinner!!!
Maureen Real Estate
2014-01-24 14:12:22
Cheaters lasagna is the way to go!
2013-08-09 20:38:18
Are you kidding me? This place is fantastic. Get the cinnamon ice cream sandwich and thank me later.
2012-05-27 20:30:08
Best Italian I've ever had. Always look forward to coming to this place when I'm in town!!!
2012-03-21 18:07:26
How come no one has said anything about the grand cookiie finale for two... and by two i mean twelve... elephants.
2011-02-12 20:59:45
This place is legit. One of my top ten pizza experiences of all time.
2010-09-13 07:36:27
Fungi pizza. Pepperoni pizza. Clams al Forno. Baked pasta w/ 5 cheeses. Veal bolognese.
2016-05-07 21:12:47
Food Network's Top 5 Best Italian - #2 Baked Pasta with Five Cheeses
2016-03-05 19:23:39
The Dirty Steak is to die for lovely margarita pizza, epic deserts
2015-11-14 14:11:14
Hostess is incompetent and even underestimates your wait time, while many tables sit empty. But if you brave the wait, go for the calamari pizza and duck legs
2015-10-10 20:04:28
grilled corn pizza is the best. ask for extra of the spicy oil or chili pepper flakes on the side for an actual kick
2015-08-14 09:22:03