#60 Garage Bar, Louisville, Ky. (Sweet Corn) from 101 Best Pizzas in America 2013 (Slideshow)

101 Best Pizzas in America 2013 (Slideshow)

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#61 Falco's Pizza & Pasta, Chicago, Ill. (Sausage Thin Crust)

“In 1956, Vito and Anna Falco came to America with only their family and a dream” notes the restaurant’s website. “By 1964 their dream became reality when they opened the original Falco’s Pizzeria on the south side at 87th and Washtenau.” Heartwarming, right? But also delicious. At Falco’s, the pizza is made with the restaurant’s unique sauce and hand-rolled crust and loaded with cheese and toppings. While the pizza place is known for its thin crust sausage pizza, customers can mix and match with crusts of double dough and Garlic Italiano Crust and toppings including pineapple, garlic, jalapeno, and anchovies to name just a few.