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The Most Beautiful Towns in America

Some of which you may have never heard of!
santa barbara

The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the most beautiful towns in America after researching travel blogs, reviews, and our own reporting.

Whether you’re a city person looking to get lost in some breathtaking natural beauty, or a wide-open spaces kind of traveler looking for new surroundings, you definitely want to go somewhere beautiful. New York and LA are nice but the Hollywood sign and Times Square can’t even begin to compete with the snow-topped mountains of Vail, the sun-streaked bluffs of Sedona, or the Spanish Moss-draped porches of Savannah. 

The Most Beautiful Towns in America Gallery

The Daily Meal knows beauty is subjective, but we took to the internet to see which cities and towns in each state have a reputation based on their looks. In addition to coverage by travel blogs and publications, we also consulted our own past reporting by staff and contributors regarding the country’s best weekend getaways, as well as spots known for their romance to see which ones were notable for their majestic scenery.

We have included towns, cities, and villages from Hawaii to Rhode Island that are more than just pretty. These beautiful places are full of overwhelming natural beauty, long histories, and picturesque communities from cabin-dotted mountains to beachside resorts. Some have inspired songs, the backdrop for films, and various artists’ renderings of the jaw-dropping scenery. Click here to reveal the most beautiful towns in America.

This list was compiled and contributed to by The Daily Meal travel editor Syjil Ashraf – author of 101 Best Weekend Getaways in America – and written and produced by The Daily Meal west coast editor Lily Rose.