The Prettiest Town in Every State

Can you guess what town from your state made our list?
cape may


Make a point to visit your state's prettiest town soon. 

Many of us get lost in the mundane tasks of our day-to-day lives, forgetting to step back and see the beauty that surrounds us — whether you find yourself in a charming old town with rich history and character, a remote community surrounded by stunning natural beauty, or a bustling city with stunning modern architecture, there’s always beauty if you’re willing to see it.


Slideshow: The Prettiest Town in Every State

Because of its tremendous geographical expanse and its broad cultural variety, the United States is still one of the greatest places to live and travel, with more beautiful cities and towns than anyone can imagine. Unfortunately, we could not put every lovely town in the U.S. on this list, so we settled for choosing one from each state. From Maui’s gorgeous small town of Paia, to Alaska’s hidden gem of Sitka, to the artistic village of Yellow Springs, Ohio, and down to the nation’s oldest city of St. Augustine, Florida, each of these destinations offers something enchanting and unique. Be sure to check out which town from your state made our list.

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