The 25 Foods You Can Actually Buy from Vending Machines Around the World

You won’t believe what you can purchase from these dispensers now

Pick up a bottle of raw milk from vending machines throughout Europe. 

These days it seems everything is at your fingertips — from Amazon’s one-hour delivery service to the shows and movies we can now binge watch without ever having to get up from the couch. Blockbuster who? That same concept of instant gratification has been applied to vending machines over the course of the past several years.

The 25 Foods You Can Actually Buy from Vending Machines Around the World Slideshow


What was once only seen as a machine that dispensed chips, candies, and select drinks can now be viewed as a 24/7, item-specific convenience store.  In vending machines around the world you can find everything from fresh heads of lettuce to bottles of champagne and even raw meat. But instant doesn’t exactly mean fresh. The idea of any perishable food product coming from a machine (rather than from a grocery store with proper refrigeration) is a strange concept to wrap your mind around.  Don’t think buying raw meat from a vending machine is weird enough? Here are the 25 foods you can actually buy from a vending machine.