World’s First Beef Noodle Vending Machine Makes Meals in 2 Minutes

These new vending machines are expected to be widely distributed throughout Shanghai beginning in October

The inventors of the vending machine enjoying a gourmet beef noodle dish. 

A new vending machine will allow people to get gourmet noodles nearly instantly.

The first of its kind, this boiled beef noodle vending machine that just debuted in Shanghai produces a bowl of beef noodles in just two minutes, reports People’s Daily Online.

Customers use the touch screen to select the flavor they’d like and wait for a robotic arm inside the machine to quickly build their meal for them, according to Shanghaiist.

This new machine comes from four inventors in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They’ve already obtained an investment of nearly one million dollars from international sources.

One of the investors explains that opening a noodle shop takes a lot of manpower and money. These new machines offer a cheaper alternative — and they allow food to be standardized, reports Shanghaiist.


The machines are expected to be installed throughout Shanghai in October. A second-generation machine, which will include rice and drinks along with the gourmet noodles, is already on in the works.