Is This the Poshest Vending Machine Ever?

New Orleans is getting a champagne vending machine, for when your boozy celebrations simply cannot wait

The vending machine will be inside the iconic Arnaud’s restaurant.

Have you ever gotten a soda out of a vending machine and thought, “I really wish I could get something a bit fancier for my change”? If you’ve ever had a hankering for some bubbly in your local cafeteria, then this new vending machine in New Orleans is for you: It dispenses Champagne. That’s right: Arnaud’s French 75 Bar, the ever-popular NoLa restaurant, is debuting a Champagne vending machine. This is the third Champagne vending machine in the world. (The other two are located in Las Vegas, of course.)

For $20, customers can ask for access to the vending machine and pick out a bottle of (mini) bubbly themselves. Of course, we knew it would be a bit pricier than your standard Mountain Dew and Doritos vending machine run, but this novelty just may be worth the price tag.

"We have a BIG announcement for all of you champagne lovers!" the bar exclaimed in an Instagram post that announced the new machine. "Arnaud’s patrons will be the first to experience a one-of-a-kind Champagne vending machine, as part of a partnership with @moetusa... The machine carefully dispenses each bottle without shaking them [sic]. Each mini bottle comes with a branded spout for guests to drink immediately and directly from the bottle."


The machine can hold up to 320 Moët & Chandon mini bottles at one time, so there’s plenty to go around.