Amsterdam Food Truck Sells Pigeon, Pony, and Other ‘Unwanted’ Meat

These artists are on a mission to change the way we think about “dirty” meats


Artists sell geese croquettes and pony burgers in project to change the way we think about "dirty" meat.

“Peace Pigeon” may sound like the name of a beanie baby, but it is actually a menu item from Amsterdam’s latest food truck: The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal. It’s a pet project (no pun intended) of artists Rob Hagenouw and Nicolle Schatborn, who have explored the topic of wasted food in art installations for over five years.

Their most popular item so far is Schiphol Geese Croquettes, named as such because the geese used in the dish are hunted in the area surrounding Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. “It’s a conversation piece,” Hagenouw tells NPR, “A way to talk about what else is wasted.” They are looking for more ways to include muskrat in their dishes, and are also considering crawfish and parakeets.

Another popular yet controversial item the truck serves is the My Little Pony Burger, made from the meat of pet horses many Dutch families had to get rid of during the recession. Twice a year, the Kitchen partners with a restaurant to serve a five-course Big Pest Dinner.

Once upon a time, lobsters were frowned upon, and served mostly to prisoners. Maybe one day we‘ll be paying $30 to eat pigeons on a roll. You never know. 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/currystrumpet)