25 Best Restaurants In Mexico 2016

As if it wasn't obvious enough already, releasing our 101 Best Restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean 2016 list reminded us of all the fantastic restaurants in Mexico. In fact, there were enough entries to make an entire separate (and lengthy) list of those only found within Mexico, and expanding this new list to 25 allows us to feature numerous worthy gems that didn't quite make the cut for the 101.

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Our process for that list is already well-documented here, but to round it out to 25, we used a combination of the survey information from the 101, additional opinions of food critics (both professional and amateur), and our own travel knowledge.

The result is the 25 best restaurants in Mexico in one substantial yet concise list. The finalists span the entire nation, cover styles and price ranges from budget to fine dining, and even include a few entries with international food. After all, this isn't just a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Mexico, it's a list of the 25 absolute best of any cuisine type in the entire country. Each one is a must-visit, and absolutely worthy of hopping across the border for — wall or no wall (right, Donald?).