25 Best Rock Cod Recipes

Steamed Rock Cod

Rock cod, sometimes sold as rockfish, is common along the Pacific coast. It is not related to true cod from the Atlantic.

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Roasted Rock Cod with Italian Peppers

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Diabetic Rock Cod Stuffed With Wild Fennel

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Total Time 30 min

Try Diabetic Rock Cod Stuffed with Wild Fennel from Food.com. - 20868

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Faux Smoked (Wild Red Rock Cod) Recipe Video

Faux Smoked (Wild Red Rock Cod) Recipe Video
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Total Time 25 min

Description Many people don't realize how many types of paprika are available. I always stock four types in my pantry; Hot Paprika, Bittersweet Paprika, ...

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Rock Cod (or Orange Roughy) With Lemon, Ginger, And Soy Sauce Recipe

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Total Time 0 min

I got this recipe from my grandma; my mom applies the microwave method.

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