Sandwich of the Week: Houston’s Famous French Dip Au Jus

Houston's French Dip
Houston's Famous French Dip Au Jus

Houston's Famous French Dip Au Jus

When feeling exceptionally hungry for a sandwich or just in the mood for something that will really hit the spot, Houston’s is the go-to place. Excellent for both lunch and dinner, the Famous French Dip Au Jus is an item that checks all the boxes when searching for that best sandwich in town.

Enjoy this sandwich as you overlook the panoramic view of the North Miami Beach intercostal and observe the boats that cruise by. The hectic yet lively atmosphere of this restaurant is an ideal place to have a casual meal with friends, meet with a business associate, or even have a first date. They don't take reservations and the wait is usually pretty lengthy, but it is definitely compensated for by the outstanding dishes. Spend some time strolling alongside the pathway along the water as you wait for your table, or sit on the benches outside.

The tender-cooked and thinly sliced prime rib is simple yet absolutely made to perfection, and it's generously piled onto a crisp French roll. The meat is smoky and flawlessly spiced, and the salty au jus dip combined with the creamy horseradish sauce is the ideal addition to the otherwise delectable meat.

Don’t forget the fries. These potatoes are thin and crispy and add just the right crunch to this prime-rib masterpiece. Just one warning: make sure to wear your loosest pants.

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