Sandwich of the Week: Bar Gernika Basque Pub’s Lamb Grinder

A Basque classic in Boise, Idaho

Bar Gernika

The lamb grinder from Bar Gernika Basque Pub in Boise, Idaho

Bar Gernika

Boise, Idaho, might not be the place you’d expect to find a traditional Basque pub, nor one of the best sandwiches in existence. But there they are, right on South Capitol Boulevard. There’s actually quite a large Basque population in Boise.

Bar Gernika Basque Pub is a no-frills bar and restaurant with just about nothing in the way of décor, but their Lamb Dip, and its cousin the Lamb Grinder, speak for themselves. A locally baked French roll with a soft interior and crispy crust is piled with sliced leg of lamb and served simply with a cup of lamb jus on the side for the dip, but ordering the Grinder really puts it over the top. It gets a topping of grilled onions, peppers, and mushrooms, which is all covered in a layer of Swiss cheese.

There’s a reason why this place has been around for 20 years, and this lamb sandwich is a big part of it (it’s also been named the Idaho State Sandwich, just sayin’). And don’t forget to get a side order of creamy croquetas. 



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