Sandwich of the Week: Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Sandwich

An oldie but a goodie from Montreal
Staff Writer

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen, or Schwartz’s as it’s popularly known, is a landmark restaurant in Montreal, known far and wide for its proprietary smoked meat, a formula which has now come to be known as "Montreal-style." The restaurant was founded in 1928 by Reuben Schwartz, and stepping into Schwartz’s today is like stepping 80 years in the past. From the time-worn location (which has never changed and never been franchised) to classic recipes (still using Reuben Schwartz’s blend of herbs and spices, cured for 10 days), diners are sure to get an authentic experience.

So go ahead, step into Schwartz’s trademark white-tiled room with long narrow tables. Order their signature smoked meat sandwich — beautifully spiced, well-marbled brisket, piled high on crusty rye bread and served with tangy yellow mustard. Choose between lean, medium, medium-fat, or fat meat — but let’s be honest, it’s brisket so go for the medium-fat. Pay your $6.30 (in Canadian dollars, of course), and have a seat in front of your new best friend.

No offense to the human you walked in with, but this sandwich is out of their league.


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