Wicked Black Forest Punch

Make Your Own Witches’ Brew: 13 Halloween Punch Bowls

Seasonal, spooky cocktails that will make your fete a certified graveyard smash

No Halloween party is complete without a witches’ brew. And no, we’re not talking about a creepy concoction made of ghost sweat, vampire fangs, and werewolf hair. We’re talking about a beautiful, seasonal punch bowl that is sure to make your bash stand out from all of those other Halloween parties on the block.

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To help you get inspired this Halloween, we rounded up 13 spooky cocktails that are perfect for autumn. Many of them are inspired by blood, with beet juice or grenadine trickling down to the bottom of the bowl, giving a dramatic presentation. There are plenty of pumpkin cocktails too, so you can revel in pumpkin spice season for as long as possible. But whether you decide to go creepy or cutesy for your Halloween party, there’s a cocktail here for you.

So break out your cauldrons, plastic pumpkins, and hollowed-out jack-o’-lanterns and get ready to mix up these 13 Halloween punch bowls.