Immune-Boosting Recipes To Get You Through Flu Season

Runny noses, aches and chills, and violent coughing fits are not how you imagined spending your fall season. Yet, there you are, under the covers and cold to the bone. Not hungry. No energy. Wondering what you're going to do with your bland expanse of sick days before you're ready to leave the house again.

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You could cook something. Even if nothing sounds good, food is a magical thing. It can actually work to nourish you and boost your immune system — meaning less time at home, wishing your nose would clear out so you could breathe again, and more time outside enjoying that gusty fall air.

There are at least a dozen healthy foods on our list of foods to boost your immunity. These recipes are loaded with all of them. Make a few of these and your immune system will get the help it needs, either to ward off future illness or cure the one that's raging right now. And not to brag or anything, but we're not recommending you guzzle gross green juice — these recipes taste pretty good, too.