healthier candy

Healthier Halloween Candies That Are Still a Treat

Don’t tell your kids they’re healthy and they’ll never know
healthier candy

Not one of these is a bummer.

Frolicking around the neighborhood while sporting festive costumes is just part of the fun — you can’t have Halloween without candy. Everyone who’s ever trick-or-treated knows that the best part was always scurrying home at the end of the night to assess your new stash.

Healthier Halloween Candies That Are Still a Treat Gallery

You’d peer inside your plastic jack-o’-lantern — or if you were smart, your pillowcase — and rove over the chocolates, gummies, lollipops, and other treats you’d acquired, eyes aglow. Then, you’d eat one too many sugary sweets and wonder why you couldn’t fall asleep.

Now that you’re an adult, you can understand why you were having such a hard time shaking off those Halloween jitters — candy is loaded with sugar. Some also hide chemicals, artificial colorings, trans-fats, and ingredients that barely pass for food. Seriously, those plastic-like chews and gummies? Not natural.


There are a few candies, though, that you can feel a bit better about. They’re less processed, more nutritious, and contain less sugar than some of the other candies. Find out which kinds you’ll feel better eating here.