25 Ways To Enjoy Rosé This Summer Without Drinking Wine Slideshow

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25 Ways to Enjoy Rosé This Summer Without Drinking Wine

At this point, rosé is almost more than just a type of wine. It's a way of life. And, with the rise of frosé and rosé-based cocktails and recipes, there are more ways to consume this perfect pink libation than just pouring yourself a glass of wine. So to help you enjoy your rosé in a new and different way this summer, we found 25 cocktails, dishes, and products that just scream "rosé" in every possible way.

A Celebration of Rosé

Written by sommelier and restaurant-professional Victoria James, this book details how rosé is made, what bottles to drink, and which bottles of pink drink to avoid at all costs. Unpretentious yet informative, this book is a must-have for any rosé fan.

Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rosé, $13.59, Amazon

Bottle Cap Magnets

If you need everyone to know just how much rosé is in your fridge, look no further than these fun and cute magnets. With six various rosé phrases and puns, these are as funny as they are pretty.

Kate Grenier Designs Rosé Wine Bottle Cap Magnets, $18, Amazon

Chandon Rosé Granite

A floral wine slushie? Yes, please. Hibiscus syrup shakes up the everyday frosé in this sophisticated yet easy recipe.

For the Chandon Rosé Granite recipe, click here.

Flask Bangle

Want to drink your rosé on the go? Use this fittingly rosé-colored wrist flask. It conceals just a little less than a standard glass of wine and is surprisingly stylish.

VPDeal Bangle Stainless Steel Hip Flask 3.5 oz, $25.89, Amazon

Frosé Pops

Take your frosé slushie to the next level by keeping it in the freezer an extra bit longer and turning it into an ice pop. All of the flavor of rosé plus the fun of a frozen treat!

For the Frosé Pops recipe, click here.

Guns N Rosé T-Shirt

Want to declare your love of rosé and brunch but don't want to compromise your love of '80s rock 'n' roll? There's a shirt for that.

Buy Me Brunch Men's Guns N Rosé T-Shirt, $28, Amazon

Lavender Rosé Lemonade

Rosé and lemonade are iconic summer drinks. This fantastic cocktail brings the two together with a touch of lavender syrup for extra elegance.

For the Lavender Rosé Lemonade recipe, click here.

Rosé Alfredo

White wine and red wine usually get all the love for cooking, but you can totally make a great Alfredo pasta with rosé, too. One Brooklyn cook did it, and the result is super millennial-approved.

Rosé All Day Banner

Perfect for photo booths, brunch parties, or any rosé lover's kitchen, this pretty pink, white, and gold banner is cheerful and playful.

Rosé All Day Banner, $9.99, Amazon

Rosé Chocolate Bar

You can have your wine for dessert with this blush pink chocolate bar from Compartés. French rosé is combined with white chocolate and crystallized rose petals for a light, floral taste.

Compartes Roses & Rosé Chocolate Bar, $9.99, compartes.com

Rosé Colored Glass

This twist on an aperitif Champagne cocktail has some added brightness from lemon juice and simple syrup. This drink brings out a whole new level of flavors in your everyday rosé and is a must-try.

For the Rosé Colored Glass recipe, click here.

Rosé Cooler

This rosé cooler with elderflower syrup, rosewater, soda water, and lemon is floral, fresh, and fizzy. Basically it's everything you would ever want.

For the Rosé Cooler recipe, click here.

Rosé Iced Tea

This non-alcoholic alternative for wine is a healthy alternative for those looking to cut back on booze but still enjoy the flavor of rosé.

The Republic Of Tea Sonoma Rosé Iced Tea, $6.99, Amazon

Rosé Jell-O Shots

An adult version of your favorite after school treat, starring rosé! Strawberry and wine make for a magical combination that will delight your friends and family.

For the Rosé Jell-O Shots recipe, click here.

Rosé Revolution Cocktail

Lemon, sage, and strawberries help bring out the most fragrant notes of rosé. With an extra shot of vodka thrown in for good measure, this cocktail is wonderfully wicked.

For the Rosé Revolution Cocktail recipe, click here.

Rosé Royal

If you love rosé-based drinks but hate the color pink, this beautiful blood-red cocktail is the perfect drink for you.

For the Rosé Royal recipe, click here.

Rosé Sorbet

There's nothing like a chilled glass of rosé or a fruity sorbet to cool off during the summer months. Combine the two and you have a refreshing, delicious concoction that will keep you coming back for more.

For the Rosé Sorbet recipe, click here.

Rosé Wine Lemonade

Taking a sip of your wine and using fresh fruit to bring out the underlying flavors is a simple way to punch up the taste of your favorite rosé.

For the Rosé Wine Lemonade recipe, click here.

Rosé Wine Spritzer

White wine spritzers are so yesterday. Consider this rosé wine spritzer, with fresh strawberries and a touch of grenadine for extra pinkness, instead.

For the Rosé Wine Spritzer recipe, click here.

Sparkling Rosé Sangria

OK, this is about as close as one can get to drinking a glass of wine without drinking a glass of wine. But this sparkling, fruity sangria recipe is technically a cocktail, thanks to the blessed addition of tequila.

For the Sparkling Rosé Sangria recipe, click here.

Stemless Wine Glass

There's no shortage of charming rosé phrases, but "Hip hip rosé!" is certainly one the most adorable. This supersized stemless wine glass will hold plenty of wine for those long summer nights.

"Hip Hip Rosé" 17-Ounce Stemless Wine Glass, $11.99, Amazon

The Little Pink Book of Rosé

This playful book is filled with words of wisdom, fun quotes about rosé, and facts about this favorite summertime wine. It's the perfect gift for any wine fan in your life.

The Little Pink Book of Rosé, $12.97, Amazon

Visit a Rosé Drive-Thru

Take a road trip to Sagaponack, New York, and stock up on rosé from Wölffer Estate Vineyard at their drive-thru. OK, you're buying rosé for the summer, but you're doing it in style.

Will You Accept This Rosé T- Shirt

Why, yes. Yes, I will accept this rosé. Thank you.

Will You Accept This Rosé T- Shirt, $14.99, Amazon

Wine Lover Quote T-Shirt

Want to wear your love of day drinking on your chest? No judgment, only acceptance in this cute novelty shirt.

Rosé All Day Funny Wine Lover Quote T-Shirt, $16.98, Amazon