Meet the New Rosé Chocolate Bar

We’re justifiably losing it over this new creation

The popular (and pretty) pink wine has made its way into chocolate bars.

Many people love chocolate; many people also love wine. The latest news of a union of the two tastes, then, has people really excited.

Chocolatiers extraordinaire Compartés recently rolled out its newest creation: a “Roses and Rosé” chocolate bar. It’s a shade of pastel pink so beautiful that it would fit seamlessly in any Vineyard Vines catalogue, and as a result, it quickly catapults itself into any “most Instagrammable food” debate.

For the new delight, Compartés combined a French rosé with its signature white chocolate. Each bar is then spruced up with a hint of crystallized rose petals to give the chocolate bar its delightful name and even more delightful color. The Roses and Rosé chocolate bars are handcrafted in Los Angeles.


The bar is priced at a hair under $10 a pop. That may seem excessive for a chocolate bar, but let me remind you: This is the marriage of (what should be) two of your favorite things in the entire world in a format that was literally made for you to take pictures of it and show your friends how cool your food is.