23 Super Manly, Meaty Dishes You Need to Make for Your Tailgate

Build the ultimate tailgate menu with these dishes; no vegetables allowed

There’s something so manly about football season, isn’t there? The tackling, the competition, the passion, the tight pants… It’s all so very testosterone-y, and that’s just the game itself. Before all of that goes down, there’s the best part of game day: the tailgate. And why shouldn’t the tailgate match the big event?

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To put together the ultimate manly tailgate dish, we looked toward one food group: meat. We’re talking about steaks, burgers, ribs, sausages, pork, wings, and of course bacon. These 23 dishes are anything but fussy. They’re indulgent, salty, tender, and delicious in all of the right ways. It’s perfect for the manliest man who ever did man.

But really… No matter your gender, we think you can enjoy these spicy, smoky, and meaty dishes. I mean, who doesn’t want to go a little primeval every now and then, especially before a football game?

So leave your vegetarian friends at home and get ready for prime football season with these 23 super manly, meaty dishes.