10 Amazing Wing Recipes To Make For Game-Day

Spicy Honey-BBQ Wings

We're right in the middle of tailgating season with football games occurring four days each week. There's nothing better to enjoy a football game with than an ice cold beer with some hot, crispy chicken wings. We've listed everything from creamy buffalo to Korean barbecue to help you find the perfect wing recipe for game-day this season. Bring these hot wings to a tailgate or potluck for game-day.

Avocado Chipotle Chicken Wings

These chicken wings use creamy avocados and flavorful cilantro to create a crispy, Mexican-inspired chicken wing. Use the extra avocado and cilantro to make a guacamole dip for your sports lovers to enjoy while they watch the game. 

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Balsamic Strawberry-Glazed Chicken Wings

This tangy combination of balsamic vinegar with sweet strawberries makes the perfect glaze to go on top of chicken wings. Make extra glaze, and cover some grilled chicken with the leftovers for a tasty dinner.  

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Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Combining your favorite soda into a rub for your chicken wings is a fun way to incorporate one of the most popular game-day drinks with your meal. This recipe combines Coca-Cola's sweet flavoring with Sherry, soy sauce, and brown sugar to create a tangy, sweet, and salty chicken wing.

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Creamy Buffalo Wings

These spicy wings use Worcestershire sauce and horseradish to make a smooth, thick sauce that you won't be able to get enough of. These deep-fried wings will turn out crispy and juicy, with a spicy kick packed into each bite.  

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East Asian-Style Wings

These sweet and spicy Asian wings will have you licking your lips after every bite because of their mouth-watering glaze. The sauce is a tasty combination of soy sauce, honey, vinegar, and Tabasco, which makes these wings a little hot and a little sweet.

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Grilled Peach Barbecue Chicken Wings

These wings merge sweet peach jam and smoky barbecue sauce to create the perfect Southern-style chicken wings. These wings are especially great for your tailgate if you root for a Georgia team, so you can use those fresh Georgia peaches.

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Honey-Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Wings

These Asian chicken wings combine sweet Teriyaki sauce with scallions and sesame seeds to create a tasty meal for those who prefer mild wings. If you're looking to add a little heat to these, you can also sprinkle red chile flakes on your wings.

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Korean Barbecue Wings

Rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and bacon fat blend together to create this delectable glaze for your chicken wings. It celebrates Korean barbecue flavors, while still achieving that crunchy, spicy wing that you love at your tailgates.

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Spicy Chipotle-Honey Wings

Looking to kick it up a notch at your next tailgate? These spicy wings will set your mouth on fire thanks to the peppers. Add in some honey if you're looking for sweet relief after the rush of heat hits your tongue. 

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Spicy Honey-BBQ Wings

These spicy barbecue wings use jalapeños to give them that extra zing in every bite. Add your favorite barbeque sauce to these wings, giving them that smoky barbecue sauce flavoring.

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