The weirdest super bowl recipes people in america are googling

The Weirdest Super Bowl Recipes Americans Are Googling Right Now

Chia pudding and prawn toast? Okay, then.
The weirdest super bowl recipes people in america are googling

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away, and while people are surely thinking about how Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will fare against the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s another very important thing folks are Googling: Super Bowl recipes.

Buffalo Chicken Dip, Nachos and More Game Day Recipes

Google released its Super Bowl food trends from every state this week, and the list is filled with plenty of expected dishes. Connecticut, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and Wisconsin are all searching for how to make Buffalo chicken dip, which has been the most searched Super Bowl recipe since 2004. Meanwhile, Colorado, Massachusetts and Tennessee are looking for great game day chili.

Tons of game day classics made the list, including seven layer dip, pigs in a blanket and cheese balls (maybe in the shape of a football?). But, amid Google's standard-looking list, there are a few outliers that we can't help but be a little baffled by.

Super Bowl Food Ideas - Google Recipe Search Trends

Courtesy of Google

We're not here to dunk on any individual state, but we do have some questions. Let's look at the East Coast, shall we? Maine is searching for nachos and Connecticut wants to make Buffalo chicken dip, but then we turn to Delaware, whose residents are searching for prawn toast recipes. There's also Washington, D.C., which is looking for mochi, Virginia and its charcuterie board and Rhode Island, who are getting fancy with short ribs for game day.

There are arguments for bite-sized mochi or a well-curated charcuterie board being great grab-and-go things to have for your Super Bowl spread, but we are a little confused as to why Wyoming is seeking out chia seed coconut milk pudding or why Vermont thinks that pork chow mein is the thing to serve while watching The Weeknd perform during the halftime show.

Other outliers include Montana and its keto egg bites, Oregon and pasta fagioli and Arizona, whose residents are splurging for Super Bowl Sunday and looking for how to cook wagyu beef.


Whether you’re looking up how to make pork chow mein or Buffalo chicken dip for the Super Bowl, there’s one dish that most Americans can agree is a must-have: chicken wings. Serve them with coconut pudding or nachos for all we care, just make sure you have the best chicken wing recipes on hand.