The 50 Soups of America

Check out our soups from simple stews to classic chowder that represent each state
The 50 Soups of America

Brian Sheehan previews our list of some of the best soup recies in America. Be sure to check out the full story in the Cook section.

The 50 Soups of America


Check out these 50 soups that are representative of each state in the Union, based upon culture, commodities, and traditions. 

Soup is one of those universal delights that every culture seems to partake in around the world. From warming bowls of hearty stews, comforting classics like chicken noodle, and the ultra-refined consommés, there are soups for any occasion.

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We decided to take a closer look at the unique food cultures across the U.S. to decide which soup best represents each state. Not surprisingly, many regions have their own interpretation of seafood chowders, like New England’s classic creamy chowder, Rhode Island’s clear chowder, and Wild Alaskan Salmon chowder in the Pacific Northwest.

Similarly, our list features chili recipes, from the famed Cincinnati Chili to the Spicy Alabama-style chili. Finally, you will notice the heavy influence of early immigrant populations in each state: including Russian and German influences in North and South Dakota, and Italian and Irish populations on the East Coast.

Whether it be a particularly important agricultural crop, rich immigrant history, or a recipe made famous by a landmark restaurant, we’ve rounded up 50 soups we feel are most representative of our collective national food traditions and local traditions.

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The 50 Soups of America