20 Great Excuses to Eat Waffles Any Time of Day

20 Great Excuses to Eat Waffles Any Time of Day

Waffle recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Waffles sit upon a syrupy throne at breakfast, holding court with pancakes and French toast as a terrific trio of sweet indulgences on offer first thing in the morning. With a bit of perfectly soft butter to spread across the craggy, crispy surface and some pure maple syrup to pour over and collect in puddles like rock pools on the ocean’s edge, waffles are a wonderful way to begin any day.

20 Great Excuses to Eat Waffles Any Time of Day

What happens, though, when the day grows older and the shadows longer and yet you still harbor an unsatisfied craving for waffles? Never fear! There are plenty of recipes that can be made and consumed free from the constraints of breakfast. We have gathered, to satisfy your wonderful waffle-y appetite, a plethora of recipes that can be enjoyed any time of the day. From breakfast through lunch ending with dinner and dessert, there are enough waffle recipes both savory and sweet to keep you full and satisfied with waffles throughout the day.

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