A-Z Food Pops by for Lebanese Cuisine

In the next installment of A-Z Food London, the team heads out to find Lebanon
A-Z Food: Lebanon

On our London food tour, for the letter L we explore Lebanon

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About A-Z Food: In this video series, Alastair Humphreys and Tom Kevill-Davies eat around London to find one restaurant from a nation for each letter of the alphabet. Check out A-Z Food: Korea here.

Although Humphreys and Kevill-Davies may have been newcomers to Korean food, "L" was an easy number to cross of their list with their Lebanon favorite Meza, a little restaurant down their street. The crew digs into minced lamb Kafta Meshwouieh, served on long skewers with hummus, moutabal, and labneh with pomegranate seeds. Then there's lamb sausages, Lebanese wine, and of course, homemade pickles kabiss. "A celebration of simple flavors and textures, a perfect blend of spice and citrus, fresh herbs, and dried spice," they write.

Get the full review over on A-Z Food, plus the recipe for baba gahnoush.


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