The Best Bar in Every State 2017
Courtesy of the Aviary

The Best Bar in Every State 2017

Our 2017 list of the best bar in every state could be the perfect guide for your next cross-country road trip

Every single state in our nation (plus our capital) has hundreds, if not thousands, of bars, not to mention restaurants that also have bars. Is it even possible to accurately pick the best one? Probably not, but that hasn’t kept us from trying. With so many watering holes to choose from, we’ve often had to get more specific — we’ve covered the best rooftop bars, the best beach bars, and even the best college bars.

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So how do we determine the best bar overall in every single state plus D.C.? We looked at reviews, stories, and even hype to pick just one watering hole to represent an entire state. The process was painstaking, but we’re confident that each one of the following bars is worthy of being called the best bar in the state. Some of them are the oldest, while others are the most famous, and some simply just have that “it” factor or a signature drink that makes them the talk of the town. Regardless of the reason, each of these bars is special and deserving of recognition.

Apologies in advance for any long lines that form at the best bars in every state.

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