Party Staples That Should Be in Every Freezer

Who knew that frozen foods could make entertaining so effortless?

Party Staples That Should Be in Every Freezer

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Believe it or not, frozen foods remain safe indefinitely. However, time does affect their quality. Steaks can remain fresh up to a year of freezing, poultry is good up to nine months, and casseroles (which are perfect for entertaining) are great for two to three months. These are just a few tips to keep in mind when freezing your food.

Chicken Tenders

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Chicken tenders, like chicken breasts, are a great source of lean protein — and they're much smaller, so they thaw quickly. Chicken tenders remain fresh for up to nine months uncooked and four months cooked if frozen at zero degrees F.



Fish is a great and healthy protein to serve for dinner. Fresh Alaskan salmon makes the perfect quick and easy main course — serve it with easy-to-create mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus.

Frozen Fruit

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Need to make a last-minute dipping sauce or glaze for a decadent dessert? Frozen fruit is perfect to place in a food processor and whip up instantly.

Frozen Vegetables

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Frozen vegetables come in handy when you need to add nutrition to a soup you’re creating — or throw frozen corn or peas into your salad.

Frozen Yogurt

Baked your cake incorrectly? Frozen yogurt is here to save you. Top it with fresh fruit for a dessert that takes less than five minutes.

Ice Cream


Ice cream is perfect all by itself. It lasts long and doesn’t get freezer-burned easily. Depending on the flavor you have, you may not even need toppings.

Shredded Cheese

“Freezing works best for solid cheeses like Cheddar or Monterey Jack. When I need just a little bit (to top a salad, for example), it’s there. It thaws almost instantly and the texture and flavor remain unchanged.” — Hillary Meyer

Skirt Steak

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The skirt of a steak is the thinnest cut — perfect for fajitas at a Mexican fiesta-themed dinner party.

Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough


With all the topping combos out there, I think it’s impossible to get tired of pizza — and with dough at the ready, it’s a quick meal to pull together. Just take the pizza dough out of your freezer and let it thaw in your fridge for 24 hours before you want to use it. — Hillary Meyer