How to Throw the Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party

Break out the bourbon and roses! It’s time for the Kentucky Derby

If there’s one time of year when it’s wholly appropriate to tap into your inner Southerner no matter where you’re actually from, it’s for the Kentucky Derby. Deemed the “most exciting two minutes in sports,” this horse race is an exhilarating, classic event that just begs for you to throw a celebratory watch party.

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But, because the Kentucky Derby is such an institution, you can’t simply warm up some frozen appetizers, set out a case of beer, and watch casually. Oh, no. You need to make your Kentucky Derby a watch party that’s for the ages. And the best way to do that is tap into the actual event itself.

From dapper outfits (and outrageous hats) and paper invitations to more roses than you can ever even imagine, it’s important that your derby watch party is a highbrow event. As for your menu, there’s no better place to find inspiration than the actual derby menu itself, with pickled asparagus, beef tenderloin, and plenty of mint juleps. Oh yeah. You can’t forget the bourbon.