The Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treat In Every State

One of the signature summertime experiences is getting a frozen treat from an ice cream truck. Seriously, we will never judge anyone who runs down the block chasing down soft-serve sundaes or who decides to jump out of the pool when they hear those iconic ice cream truck tunes, whether they're five or 50. Regardless of where you live, ice cream trucks offer up dozens of pre-packaged frozen novelties, but where you live will determine what those around you are ordering. Seriously.

Using Google trends over the last 12 months, Seaside Vacations found out the most popular ice cream truck treat in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. You may be surprised which sweets reign supreme. Here's the top treat in your state.

Alabama: Firecracker

Summer is about two things: fireworks and ice cream. The classic Firecracker ice pop channels both of those things with its red, white and blue color scheme and cherry, white lemon and blue raspberry flavors. Alabama is all about this patriotic, refreshing confection.

Alaska: Drumstick

Drumstick ice cream cones are among the best desserts for chocolate lovers, and there must be plenty of those in Alaska. Ice cream eaters in The Last Frontier prefer these cones, which are filled with caramel or chocolate, dipped in chocolate and coated in peanuts.

Arizona: Choco Taco

Arizonans love their Mexican food, and their adoration for all things taco translates to their preferred ice cream truck treat: the Choco Taco, a waffle cone folded up like a taco and filled with vanilla ice cream, fudge, peanuts and more chocolate coating.

Arkansas: Lemon Ice

It gets hot in Arkansas, but The Natural State knows how to turn lemons into (more than) lemonade. Their favorite way to cool down is with a refreshing Lemon Ice.

California: Push-Up Pop

Why eat your sherbet with a spoon when you can eat it by simply using your hands? Californians know the merit of a grab-and-go frozen treat, which is why the classic Push-Up Pop is their top pick.

Colorado: Creamsicle

When it comes to the most popular candy in every state, Colorado residents are all about M&Ms, but they don't like chocolate in their frozen treats. This state prefers the orange and vanilla flavored Creamsicle.

Connecticut: Drumstick

Connecticuters must love a cone, and when it comes to the ice cream truck, that means this state's go-to treat is the Drumstick.

Washington, D.C.: Firecracker

The nation's capital is a beacon of patriotism, which must be why D.C. residents' most uniquely searched-for treat is the red, white and blue Firecracker.

Delaware: Ice Cream Sandwich

There are plenty of next-level sandwiches worthy of the dinner table, but only a special few sandwiches are fit for the dessert table. The ice cream sandwich, a classic treat consisting of soft chocolate cookies and vanilla soft serve, is one of those sweet sandwiches, and it's a favorite in Delaware.

Florida: Firecracker

Florida is known for one of the most iconic pies in America, the key lime pie. But what are Floridians eating in the summer? Firecrackers.

Georgia: Firecracker

Georgians join their neighbors down south by enjoying Firecrackers more than any other frozen ice-cream-truck treat.

Hawaii: Crunch Bar

When it comes to the most iconic dessert in every state, Hawaii is known for its refreshing shave ice. But apparently Hawaiians get that icy treat elsewhere because they're going to the ice cream truck and ordering Crunch Bars, which is vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate and crispy crackle pieces.

Idaho: Klondike Bar

Idaho is famous for its ice cream potato, but when it comes to the ice cream truck, they're going for a different chocolate-coated confection. This state's favorite frozen snack is the classic Klondike Bar.

Illinois: Fudgsicle

Forget hot fudge sundaes — in Illinois, it's all-chocolate everything. The Prairie State's preferred ice cream treat is the Fudgsicle.

Indiana: Choco Taco

Illinois' neighbor Indiana has a chocolatey confection as its No. 1 ice-cream-truck treat, too. They're all-in on the Choco Taco.

Iowa: Bomb Pop

Iowa's preferred ice cream truck treat is a red, white and blue ice pop, but it's not the Firecracker. Instead, Iowans flock toward Bomb Pops, which have cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavors instead of cherry, white lemon and blue raspberry. It's a very important distinction.

Kansas: Choco Taco

There's one food you need to try in every state, and in Kansas, that food is fried chicken. But if you want to visit an ice cream truck like a Kansan, you'll order a Choco Taco.

Kentucky: Klondike Bar

There are 10 different versions of the classic Klondike Bar, including Krunch Bars, Mint Chocolate Chip, Oreo, and Double Chocolate Klondikes. No word on what flavor Kentucky residents prefer, but we do know they love a Klondike Bar.

Louisiana: Screwball

The most popular ice cream truck treat in Louisiana is the Screwball. For the uninitiated, this is a fruit-flavored ice slushie with a gumball at the bottom. Talk about childhood treats you forgot existed!

Maine: Ice Cream Sandwich

Maine is known for one signature sandwich: the lobster roll. Then, apparently, residents of this New England state follow it up with another sandwich: the ice cream sandwich.

Maryland: Klondike Bar

"What would you doooo for a Klondike Bar?" is one of the most famous food slogans of all time, and it's likely you'll hear it said in Maryland, where a Klondike Bar is the top ice-cream-truck treat.

Massachusetts: Fudgsicle

You can make your own frozen chocolate treat at home, but if you live in Massachusetts, odds are you're just going to hit up the ice cream truck for a Fudgsicle.

Michigan: Choco Taco

The Choco Taco is the top frozen treat in eight different states, and you can count Michigan among this novelty's fans.

Minnesota: Malt Cup

A malt is one of those retro foods we don't see much anymore, but in Minnesota, there is a certifiable fondness for this diner staple. The malt cup, which — as the name implies — is a chocolate malt in a cup, is the state's favorite ice cream truck treat.

Mississippi: Lemon Ice

Lemon is a welcome flavor in many dishes and drinks, from lemon bread to lemon pancakes to lemonade. Mississippi loves the tart citrus in its frozen treats. The Lemon Ice is the No. 1 ice cream truck treat there.

Missouri: Choco Taco

The one food to try in Missouri is gooey butter cake — a timeless dessert that originated in St. Louis. But since they obviously can't order cake at an ice cream truck, Missourians are sticking with the Choco Taco.

Montana: Firecracker

Fourth of July is a highlight of summer, which is fitting for Montanans. Their favorite ice cream truck treat is a Firecracker.

Nebraska: Klondike Bar

The iconic Good Humor-Breyers' jingle "What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?" clearly lives rent-free in the minds of Nebraskans, as Klondike Bars are their No.1 ice-cream-truck pick. 

Nevada: Choco Taco

Another invention of Good Humor-Breyers is the Choco Taco. A treasure trove of the West Coast, it's the go-to choice for Nevadans.

New Hampshire: King Cone

If you're partial to having ice cream in a cone, then ordering a King Cone — like the folks from New Hampshire — is the way to go. Vanilla ice cream is swirled into a sugar cone and topped with a chocolate coating and peanuts. 

New Jersey: Chipwich

Although New Jersey is popular for its blueberries, the state goes in a different direction when it comes to ice cream. A Chipwich — an ice cream sandwich that's made with vanilla ice cream served between two chocolate chip cookies — is the state's most popular ice-cream-truck choice.

New Mexico: Firecracker

New Mexico's defining snack might be cookies, but when it comes to ice cream trucks, its residents are all about the Firecracker.

New York: Spongebob Ice Cream Pop

New Yorkers like to do things their own way, which is likely why it's the only state whose favorite ice-cream-truck treat is the Spongebob Ice Cream Pop. Shaped like our friend from under the sea, Spongebob Squarepants will surely be making an appearance in The Empire State this summer.

North Carolina: Klondike Bar

North Carolinians might be willing to do a lot for a Klondike Bar — it ranked first as the state's most popular ice cream truck dessert. 

North Dakota: Ice Cream Sandwich

North Dakota is keeping things simple. Ice cream lovers in The Peace Garden State are partial to the ice cream sandwich, a treat you can easily make at home

Ohio: Klondike Bar

When it comes to ice cream, Ohioans want their Klondike Bars. But the state's true treasure is buckeyes (chocolate-covered balls of peanut butter). Make them from home and you'll be eating like a real Midwesterner.

Oklahoma: Snow Cone

You should definitely add having a snow cone to your summer bucket list. The treat is made with crushed ice and drizzled with flavors like blue raspberry, cherry and lemon-lime. It's a crowd favorite in Oklahoma. 

Oregon: Ice Cream Sandwich

Like North Dakota, the people of Oregon keep it classic when hearing the magical sounds of the ice cream truck approaching. Their No.1 pick is ice cream sandwiches. 

Pennsylvania: Klondike Bar

When it comes to regional food, Pennsylvanians are known for their breakfast meat, scrapple. But for ice cream, The Keystone State goes a bit more mainstream with the Klondike Bar.

Rhode Island: Lemon Ice

The people of Rhode Island agree: Summer isn't complete without a cup of Italian ice. Lemon ice is their first choice when the ice cream truck rolls around. 

South Carolina: Ice Cream Sandwich

There are plenty of sandwiches that are worth your while, and an ice cream sandwich is definitely one of them. It's timeless flavors are beloved in South Carolina, where it's the most popular ice-cream-truck treat. 

South Dakota: Bomb Pop

South Dakotans flock to Bomb Pops — not to be confused with their Firecracker cousins — when they see an ice cream truck.

Tennessee: Firecracker

Tennesseeans have plenty of niche Southern foods near and dear to their hearts. But when an ice cream truck arrives, they go for something beloved by people all over the country: the Firecracker. 

Texas: Firecracker

Joining their friends from the South, Texans also prefer Firecrackers. 

Utah: Choco Taco

Utah might be famous for its love of Jell-O but when it comes to the ice cream truck, its residents want one thing and one thing only: Choco Taco. 

Vermont: Klondike Bar

Although Vermont is the land of Ben & Jerry's, the iconic ice cream company isn't typically on the menu at most ice cream trucks. Instead, the folks in Vermont opt for a Klondike Bar. 

Virginia: Choco Taco

During breakfast Virginians are all about their biscuits. But when the ice cream trucks make their rounds, residents of Old Dominion are ready for a Choco Taco.

Washington: Fudgsicle

The Fudgescicle, a chocolate fudge popsicle, is the most popular ice-cream-truck order in Washington. But if you want to make fudge yourself instead of opting for the frozen dessert, try this easy-to-follow recipe.

West Virginia: Klondike Bar

West Virginians are cooling down with Klondike Bars this summer; it ranked No.1 as the state's most popular ice-cream-truck treat. 

Wisconsin: Lemon Ice

There are plenty of frozen treats you can make from scratch this summer, but it never seems as fun as running up to the ice cream truck and placing your order. In Wisconsin, lemon ice is the go-to. 

Wyoming: Creamsicle

Although the folks of Wyoming prefer a Creamsicle when ordering from an ice cream truck, the state's most popular ice cream flavor is actually vanilla. What's the most popular ice cream flavor in your state?

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