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My dream kitchen would have the entire collection of All-Clad pots and pans, and a huge six-burner gas range plus two ovens. I’d like a center island in the kitchen with a hibachi grill for making teppanyaki dishes. I also want a wood-fire brick pizza oven and a state-of-the-art ice cream maker. There would also be plenty of counter space for making sushi, pastries, and more. — Lauren Mack, Travel Editor

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Susan Rosen

It’s sad for any woman to admit, but my dream kitchen would be my mother’s kitchen. She designed it from top to bottom and made it both livable and beautiful. She put in marble floors and countertops along with professional-grade appliances so that it looks pristine and works as a true cook’s kitchen. But she also hid the cabinets, refrigerator, and dishwasher behind wooden cabinetry so that everything blended together and looks like a gorgeous room instead of a kitchen. She imagined touches for comfort — two sinks, leather chairs that you can sit in all night, windows with enough ledge space for plants, a hot water faucet for tea, and enough cabinets to keep all her Costco purchases. It’s the perfect kitchen for cooking, entertaining, snacking, or staying up late with a drink. And luckily for me, I get to visit my dream kitchen every time I visit my parents. — Ali Rosen, Video Producer

Not Without the Farm Sink

flickr; NancyHugo_CKD

I have too many ideas for my dream kitchen, and if I ever get to build it one day, I’m going to need a lot of help deciding. One thing I’ve already made my decision on though is the kitchen sink: a farm sink. I love their country look, especially when they’re contrasted with a mostly urban theme, and they’re amazing for someone who is constantly cooking in their kitchen. They give you the elbow room you need to clean up your pots and pans without crowding the sink, and they’re big enough to dump everything in there when you’re hosting a dinner party and want to keep the counter spaces clean. One tip for anyone thinking of buying one: they’re often made of porcelain so no dish-throwing allowed! — Anne Dolce, Cook Editor

Cohesive Color


My dream kitchen entails lots of color and cohesiveness. I want a refrigerator that has chalkboards for doors so I can write grocery lists and menus on it. I want a Viking center island with granite countertops and refrigerated drawers for fresh produce and wine. I want tons of mismatched plates, a rack for all of my floral aprons, and a bright KitchenAid mixer for all the baking I'll be doing. — Francesca Borgognone, Entertain Editor

Literary Kitchening: Rustic & Modern


Aside from incorporating the rustic, French-countryside kitchen look, but not without a whole lot of modern and pristinely clean by way of appliances, my dream kitchen has to entail a few major things. 1) Big, sliding, sturdy, antique, wood barn doors.  2) Colorful and intricate tiles, acquired from a variety of destinations: Morocco, Italy, France, Greece, etc.  3) A whole lot of light/large windows.  4) Huge, long, solid wood, preparing table, and a similar dining table with chairs of all different kinds; big enough to fit at least 12 people.  4) Bookshelves everywhere. (Yes, kitchens must be filled with books, too.)  5) A center island outfit not only for storage, but for seating, nibbling, sharing, and chatting. — Tyler Sullivan, Assistant Editor

Gazillionare Precision


Restaurant-Style Deep Fryer: True, you’ll have to get a special type of fire extinguisher for this (click here to see 9 Steps to Successful Deep-Frying), but it’s totally worth it. At least, it would be for anyone hell-bent on making truly good tempura, twice-fried french fries (the only way to do it right), and perfect donuts. Here at The Daily Meal, we strive for perfection, so this one is definitely making my dream kitchen list.

Magnetic Induction Cooktop: We wouldn’t make this our only stove in the kitchen (hey, it’s a dream kitchen, so why not have more than one stove?) but we’d have this one just to boil water. Through a marriage between voodoo and science, this baby will boil water in 90 seconds flat, all without having the cooking surface actually get warm. Cue Twilight Zone theme song.

Dish Warmer: It is definitely an extravagance, and totally '90s, but we’d spring for one just because. Sure, you can warm plates in the oven, but if you’re a gazillionaire, why on Earth would you want to do that?

Custom, Modular Refrigeration System: Chefs deconstruct dishes to be trendy; kitchen designers deconstruct refrigerators to be trendy. And we’re with them on this one. Guests will think you don’t have a refrigerator at all because you’ll have your vegetable crisper, freezer, and beverage coolers in separate compartments, all fabricated to look like the other cabinetry in your kitchen. Uber cool. — Will Budiaman, Recipe Editor

Top Chef in My Cabinet

NBC Universal

This is embarrassing but true: my dream kitchen would be one in which a Top Chef lives in my cabinet and cooks up dream meals for me. (Hugh Acheson will do just fine.) As long as there’s a nice countertop bar for me to drink my glass of wine and watch my personal chef whip up some meals, I would be happy as a clam.

Oh, and maybe a KitchenAid mixer so I can make cupcakes. That’s about it. — Marcy Franklin, Associate Editor

Old Meets New, Plus Cheese & Bread


My ideal kitchen would be a fusion of reclaimed wood and stainless steel. Old meets new, so to speak. Aside from a juicer and food processor (luxuries I haven’t splurged on just yet), there would be refrigerated drawers, a wood-burning stove, a full bar that descends from the ceiling, and, obviously, a vintage ice box. There would also be a wine rack that rises from the floor (because it would come directly from the wine cellar beneath). There would have to be a nook — because breakfast happens there in all my dreams — and four exposed shelves dedicated to coffee mugs from around the world. Mason jars would run rampant through the cupboards (no cabinets). The table would be giant and wooden — a carved-out tree, in fact. There would be a chalkboard for recipe guessing and for writing trivial notes to loved ones.

My dream kitchen would serve as the common room of the entire household, offering both a departure from stress and a bounty of good conversation. Also, somehow, there is never a shortage of cheese and fresh loaves of bread. — Tim McGeever, Public Relations Manager

Blue & White & Hard to Clean


My dream kitchen features white walls, counters, and cabinets. The giant, white marble island in the center is large enough to seat four people on either side. A bright, blue backsplash gives the room a pop of color, as does the base of the island, which also features this hue. The inside of the kitchen cabinets also match to keep it from looking too clinical. Stainless-steel drawer handles complete the look. It’s fun, tasteful, and probably really hard to keep clean... — Nina Fomufod, Contributing Writer


Terra Cotta & a Wooden Block

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

My dream kitchen would include a big island with a wooden butcher block, brightly colored walls (in hues of deep oranges and yellows) and a terra cotta tiled floor. The appliances would all be stainless steel, including a Bertazzoni range. One side of the island will have bar stools so that my guests can hang out with me while I cook for them. — Molly Aronica, Eat/Dine Editor

A Kitchen for Lefties

Jane Bruce

Inspired by Ali Rosen’s dream kitchen, I’ve also chosen my mom’s. Not because it has stainless steel appliances, or rustic molding, or a stand mixer, or anything you’ll see in Good Housekeeping. It smells like cookies 100 percent of the time (seriously), and margaritas are on the ready at least twice a week. When there isn’t eggplant Parmesan in the oven, there are enchiladas. When there isn’t red wine, there’s a black Russian. Not to mention the cute dog always jumping on the counter. Most importantly, though, all the handheld appliances are for lefties. — Jane Bruce, Photo Editor

Minimal Additions


I'm pretty well set up. At this point, we probably just need more counter space. Of course, a restaurant kitchen washing machine, pizza oven, and sous vide immersion circulator wouldn't hurt. Oh, and a garbage disposal unit. — Arthur Bovino, Executive Editor



Big flat-top griddle with a grease pan to catch the bacon fat and a well-vented, indoor, wood-burning grill (and yes, they do exist). Colman Andrews, Editorial Director