It's Soup Season! The 50 Best Recipes Ever

Turn on those ovens! Fire up the stove! Tis the season to begin roasting, baking, and feeling the comfort of heat in the kitchen. Summer is over and fall is finally here. With the changing season, cold weather apprehension has turned to romantic idealism with thoughts of steamy drinks and warming dishes and cozy scarves.  

The 50 Best Winter Soup Recipes

To start the season off right, consider making a big pot of steaming soup. So much is in season right now, ripe for the picking and ready to be eaten. This collection of soups, perfect for the winter season, is packed with the flavors of the moment like squash, apples, carrots, and so much more. These soups are sure to satiate and can be made a meal unto themselves, as they are bolstered with hearty vegetables, grains, and starches (although serving them with a good slice of crusty bread is never, ever a bad thing). 

One huge benefit of making soups from scratch is controlling the amount of salt added. Too often, canned soups contain unhealthy levels of sodium and preservatives. Nancie McDermott, author of Southern Soups and Stews, says, "For any soup recipe, you can add salt last, when the cooking is finished.That way, the saltiness won't change. If you salt early on, as your soup simmers, flavors including saltiness can intensify as it thickens."

Additionally, don't ignore the power of onions and garlic, the sweetness of curry paste, the brightening capabilities of vinegar or citrus, and the fresh flavors of seasonal herbs. Whether you want just the classics, easy, slow cooker, healthy, or vegetarian here are the 50 Best Winter Soup Recipes ready for your enjoyment.