Refrigerated Pie Crust Recipes That Aren't Pie

Sure, a pie crust is the base for any of America's most iconic pies, but did you know that refrigerated pie crust is also a highly versatile ingredient? These 10 recipes, from dessert nachos to sandwich roll-ups, prove that you can think beyond the pie when cooking with pie crusts.

Homemade Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts, also known as hand pies, are among the most iconic breakfast foods in America. Skip the store-bought toaster pastries and make your own version using pie crust and a brown sugar glaze.

For the Homemade Pop-Tarts with Brown Sugar Glaze recipe, click here.

Baby Elephant Ears

Somewhere between the iconic childhood desserts of cinnamon toast and cinnamon rolls, these easy baby elephant ears will have you smiling from ear to ear.

For the Baby Elephant Ears recipe, click here.

Flaky Deli Slices

Perfect for a quick, kid-friendly lunch, these flaky deli slices use pie crust, cheese and ham. In fact, this savory dish is right up there with the absolute best ham recipes.

For the Flaky Deli Slices recipe, click here.

Fried Apple Hand Pies

If you're craving a certain chain's apple pies but don't want to go to the drive-thru, these fried apple hand pies are a great fast food copycat recipe.

For the Fried Apple Hand Pies recipe, click here.

Easy Bacon-Tomato Appetizers

If you're looking for a great dish to share with friends and family, these easy bacon and tomato appetizers are colorful, flavorful and come together in less than 20 minutes.

For the Easy Bacon-Tomato Appetizers recipe, click here.

Dessert Nachos

Sure, you can whip up steak nachos, which rank among the best Mexican recipes. Or you can whip out the fudge and caramel and make these kid-friendly dessert nachos, one of those desserts you can make with five ingredients or fewer.

For the Dessert Nachos recipe, click here.

Salmon Pastries With Dill Pesto

These vintage-feeling appetizers are filled with creamy cheese, fresh dill and heart-healthy salmon.

For the Salmon Pastries With Dill Pesto recipe, click here.

Green Chili Mexican Mini Quiches

Quiche is undeniably one of the 50 best brunch recipes. This shrunken-down version uses pie crust for a shortcut as well as green chilis, salsa and chorizo for a little Mexican twist.

For the Green Chili Mexican Mini Quiches recipe, click here.

Chicken Pot Pie Fries

Of all the things you should know about fries and all the ways you thought to eat them, we bet you never thought of topping them with chicken, gravy and pie crust for a fun food mashup.

For the Chicken Pot Pie Fries recipe, click here.

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