Thanksgiving dinner

What 20 Famous Chefs Are Cooking for Thanksgiving This Year

Their choices are surprisingly homey

Everyone has their own Thanksgiving traditions, even America’s most famous chefs. Throughout the month of November, whenever we sat down to have a chat with one of our favorite chefs, we also asked them one simple question: “What’s on your Thanksgiving table?” That is to say, what are the dishes that your holiday would never be complete without, what dishes are your staples, and how do you like to shake up your meal?

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Though you may be quick to think that chefs always serve gourmet meals at their Thanksgiving feasts, you would be wrong. This is a holiday that’s all about family time and comfort, so they’re not afraid of the green bean casserole, premade pumpkin pie crusts, and canned cranberry sauce. Sure, you have your turkey confit, rabbit stuffing, and stuffed acorn squash. But those all-American staples are on everyone’s table, even Harold Moore’s.

So from Bobby Flay’s Puerto Rican-inspired feast to Lydia Shire’s anadama bread stuffing and Valerie Bertinelli’s ever-changing roasted turkey, here’s what 20 famous chefs are cooking for Thanksgiving this year.