10 Thanksgiving Dishes You Should Just Buy at the Store

These things are better than whatever you can cook, trust us

We’re not going to lie: Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be really, really stressful. You need to make sure your turkey skin is crisp and the breast meat is moist, your stuffing needs to be seasoned to perfection, and your mashed potatoes need to be buttery and fluffy. And even if you spend weeks prepping for the big day, it’s inevitable that you’re still going to be a little short on time. So to save yourself from going mad and to save tons of time, it’s best to just buy some things premade from the grocery store.

For the 10 Thanksgiving Dishes You Should Just Buy at the Store Slideshow, click here.

We’re not talking about buying a roasted turkey and boxed stuffing. Some Thanksgiving dishes are too sacred not to be made from scratch. But there are certain dishes that, while essential to the perfect Thanksgiving dinner plate, aren’t the stars of the day. We’re talking about you, corn.

And then there are just other dishes that professionals can make better than the average home cook. Your breads don’t rival whatever Pillsbury can do, your ham glaze is probably too sweet, and your apple pie is soggy. Sorry, but we all know it’s true.

So if you want save yourself some time and effort this November, click here to see the 10 Thanksgiving dishes you should just buy at the store.

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