50 Affordable Family-Friendly Summer Trips

A lot goes into planning a wallet-friendly summer vacation, from navigating the tricky procedure of booking a cheap flight to working out how to save on your hotel room. When planning an affordable summer vacation with family, however, things get even harder. Between helping your family get all the right things packed and making sure everyone is on their best behavior, one can forget the most important part of having a successful family vacation: choosing the right destination.

50 Affordable Family-Friendly Summer Trips Gallery

In addition to making sure you've found the best summer travel deals in terms of accommodations and transportation, you should also make sure you've found the best value in terms of what the whole family will enjoy. Destinations with a lot of walking and sightseeing of landmarks may not appeal to children, whereas places with amusement parks, interesting culinary scenes, and tons of outdoor activities will keep the whole family engaged and having fun. Don't worry about having another step in your planning, however; we've got you covered with this list of 50 affordable family-friendly summer trips.