How to Save Money at Walt Disney World

It’s all in how you plan your vacation

You can have your Happily Ever After (at a fraction of the cost).

There are no real ifs, ands, or buts about it: Planning a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive. Everything from traveling to Orlando to booking a hotel room to buying the park tickets is costly, and the prices are only rising each and every year. For some, it may almost seem like that dream vacation to see Mickey Mouse and ride Splash Mountain is unattainable.

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Despite the price tag of a weeklong hotel stay in the Orlando area and park admission, a Disney vacation doesn’t have to break the bank — and you can still have the family trip of a lifetime. All it takes is a little extra time, careful planning, and some insider tips for saving money.

Cutting costs on your Disney trip starts long before you set foot on property. You need to carefully plan when the best time to go is for you and your family, research how to cut the costs of park admission, and get a little clever with gift cards and credit cards. From there, it’s all about setting your priorities. Do you want to stay on property? Eat your way around Epcot? Bring home plenty of souvenirs? If these things are important to you, there are plenty of ways to cut costs in other areas. Don’t believe us? Here are 35 ways to save money during your Disney vacation.