Caribbean Food: 5 Things to Eat in Belize

Caribbean food plays an important role in the country’s culinary scene

Caribbean food is widespread in Belize.

Caribbean food is a very diverse cuisine and borrows influences from many countries and regions around the world, like African, European, Arabic, East Indian, Amerindian, and Chinese, among many others. Many Caribbean food recipes often call for ingredients including rice, plantains, beans, cassava, coconuts, potatoes, and meat including beef, pork, poultry, and fish.

If you are look to discover Caribbean food, Belize has some great Caribbean dishes and Caribbean food recipes. Belize is a country rich with Mayan, Creole, and African cultural influences, among many others. Caribbean food also plays an important role in the country’s culinary scene.

Fry jacks, which are like deep-fried tortillas that can be eaten with different cheeses or refried beans, are one of the most popular breakfast foods in Belize.

Rice and beans is definitely a dish to try when visiting Belize. Rice and beans, typically cooked in coconut milk, is a very commonplace accompaniment many main dishes in Belize.

Stew chicken is widely eaten around Belize, as are stew beef and stew fish, which are often in dark stews made with many spices and achiote paste, a popular blend of spices that helps give the stew its darker color.

Known as “black dinner” due to its unusual color, chimole is another  must-try dish when visiting Belize, and it is very popular come dinnertime. Like stew chicken, for example, this is a dark dish that that includes an array of spices along with achiote paste.


Belize is also very well known for its seafood, so tasting the local offerings from the sea, including conch, with conch fitters being a popular appetizer in Belize, and lobster, is a must.