Don’t be THAT Tourist: 10 Travel Etiquette Tips for the American Abroad

Break from the stereotype and try your best at seamlessly blending in

Americans have a bad reputation for being impolite and impatient when abroad, and though it is likely a small few creating this image of tourists as a whole, it is up to the rest of us to correct this unfavorable view of American travelers. With that said, there are several things Americans do unknowingly that are seen by those in some host countries as rude – like the act of tipping throughout most of Asia, and assuming that locals around the world know English.


Don’t be THAT Tourist: 10 Travel Etiquette Tips for the American Abroad Slideshow


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Then there’s the American tourist’s wardrobe. For some reason tourists like to wear the same thing, like sneakers with high socks and a big camera strapped around their necks. It may seem practical when you’re walking around all day, and you’ll definitely want pictures, but you’re also putting a big “tourist” label on yourself by doing so — making you more susceptible to getting pickpocketed. These tips don’t only benefit the overall image of tourists abroad but will benefit you too, if you can blend in with the locals and not bring unnecessary attention to yourself while traveling.