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Christmas Eve Dinner Recipes Straight From My Grandma’s Cookbook

For a good ol’ fashioned family Christmas

Every family has their own holiday traditions, but I’d be lying if I said my family’s weren’t the best. OK, sure, maybe everyone feels that way about their own family Christmases — but they haven’t been to mine. In addition to a pretty intense game of white elephant, our Christmas holiday is full of traditional family recipes straight from the old country.

Christmas Eve Dinner Recipes Straight From My Grandma’s Cookbook

You see, in 1992, my family put together a cookbook of family recipes titled “Guten Appetit.” In addition to then-modern casserole dishes and a few joke recipes for chicken wings and boxed brownies, this recipe collection preserved classic family dishes, passed on from generation to generation. And because I’m a woman who loves sharing her family’s traditions with others, I present these eight recipes straight from that book.

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Because my family is of German descent, you’ll notice these eight dishes are heavily eastern European. Yes, that means there is plenty of sauerkraut, potatoes and baked goods with names so long you can’t even begin to try and spell them. And there’s no shortage of butter, meat, cheese or sugar in these recipes. And a few fun cocktails, because no holiday is complete without a shot in the Menyes family book. Literally. Here are eight Christmas Eve recipes straight from my grandma’s cookbook.