25 Turkey Day Snacks That Will Hold You Over Until Thanksgiving Dinner

Who says you have to starve all day until the big meal?

These Deep-Fried Pumpkin Crisps are the perfect pre-turkey snack.

So, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Your turkey is roasting in the oven, your pies are chilling in the fridge, and your mashed potatoes are boiling away on the stove. But dinner isn’t going to be until 5 o’clock, and your guests are getting hungry. What are you supposed to do? Let them starve? Absolutely not! And that’s where Turkey Day snacks come in handy.

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You know, quick and easy appetizers that you can whip up in the morning or the night before, put out on the buffet, and munch on while you all wait with great anticipation for the big meal of the day. Going into Thanksgiving dinner completely and totally famished will only lead to bingeing on turkey and stuffing, which is delightful, but not necessarily the healthiest option.

To help ease the hunger on Thanksgiving, we rounded up 25 simple, seasonal, and sensational snacks. From a no-cook cheese ball appetizer to elevated potato skins and a Thanksgiving-inspired seven-layer dip, your guests (and your own tummy) will be more than thankful for these 25 Turkey Day snacks.

Carolyn Menyes and Courtney Nachlas contributed to this report.