Nutritionists Confess Health Rules They Always Break

If anyone should embody healthy eating goals, it's nutritionists. Food is their career — being healthy and providing health advice is their job. They tell their clients their tips, tricks, and secrets to a healthy lifestyle using all the expertise they gathered from years of schooling and practice.

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We imagined nutritionists were practitioners with the willpower of steel. But as it turns out, they're a lot less strict than we thought. As one of the dietitians we interviewed, Adina Pearson, explained, "I aim for enjoyment more than perfection."

The others seemed to be completely on board with this mindset. No one's perfect — and the pursuit of a perfect diet is not only exhausting, but actually impossible. The strenuous task of eliminating food groups and accounting for every single bite is advocated against by every single nutritionist, dietitian, and doctor we interviewed.

Many dietitians explained that they view some of these "rules" as mere guidelines, and stray from them now and again. Life happens! Other rules were revealed as being totally misguided. These dietitians and nutritionists would never be caught dead following them. There are so many health rules out there — here are some that, for all kinds of reasons, even nutritionists break.