Salt Is The Secret Ingredient In Most Great Desserts

It's all about balance. Most people think salt is strictly a savory seasoning, but that is just not the case! Sure you may have heard of salted caramel, but that is not the exception to the rule. Adding salt to desserts and baked goods adds depth of flavor and cuts sweetness, preventing your sweet delights from tasting flat and solely of sugar.

Don't worry about your brownies suddenly tasting awful — salt only becomes salty after you use a significant amount. Until you reach that salty point of no return, the salt actually acts as a magnifier for the flavors that are already present, making them taste even better.

While some sweet recipes do list salt as an ingredient, there are many that don't. If you come across a dessert recipe that doesn't include salt then raise an eyebrow and reach for the salt shaker immediately. A teaspoon or two is all it takes.

Does your jam taste flat? Do you want more chocolatey chocolate and more citrusy citrus? Then simply add salt! You won't regret it!