35 Nutritionists You Need To Follow On Social Media Right Now Slideshow

If there's anywhere you should be getting your health inspiration, it's from the brains of top nutritionists. They know their way around an avocado and have a thing or two to say about coconut oil.

The licensed professionals not only understand what it means to be healthy, but they also live and breathe it every day — and many of them share it, too. To many of them, it feels rewarding to get to share their passions online. Social media affords them the opportunity to interact with other health professionals and with the public, and they can spread the word on everything they believe — all while maintaining their busy and client-filled schedules.

We compiled the greatest for you, so you don't have to get lost in the deepest recesses of Instagram looking for them. Each of these 35 amazing health role models is a sharer extraordinaire. On their social media profiles, you'll find recipes, advice, current events, and dozens of other helpful snippets to help you lead your best life.

Not to mention, they make a mean smoothie bowl.

If you're not following the people on this list, you're missing out on more than serious entertainment and gorgeous shots of drool-worthy food; you're neglecting to live your life with the health and nutrition knowledge you deserve.

Alexis Joseph

Alexis Joseph — self-proclaimed doughnut-lover and "hummusapien" — is a food blogger turned nutritionist with a passion for healthy living and promoting a diet that keeps you happy and healthy. With her heartfelt blogposts and her positive spin on wellness, Alexis takes nutrition and recipes and turns them into something personal, uplifting, and inspiring.

Follow her Instagram to litter your feed with inspiring quotes about wellness, an inside and honest look into her gorgeous life, and food porn of any and all kinds. Alexis can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Andy Bellatti

Andy Bellatti shares his whole food-focused, plant-based approach to nutrition with over 17,000 followers of his Twitter account. He is uninhibitedly vocal about recent events related to food and nutrition — he also works through his web article outlet Small Bites to make nutrition and health information accessible to all.

Follow him on Twitter here.

Anne Mauney

Marathoner, food blogger, and registered dietitian Anne Mauney is major goals when it comes to Instagram. Her feed features drool-worthy meals, marathon training advice, and adorable family photos.

Follow her here on Instagram.

Caitlyn Elf

Cait's blogging journey began in 2008 and has only grown since then. She now claims over 40,000 Instagram followers and an equally large blog presence. Her website describes her focus as "simple, easy-to-follow recipes incorporating whole foods, samples of what I'm eating and bits and pieces of how I maintain an overall balanced lifestyle — from fitness to travel and at home."

For unbelievably aesthetic food and the simple recipes for how to make your own, follow her Instagram and blog.

Christy Harrison

Christy Harrison is a popular Health at Every Size dietitian and all-around positive social media presence. Research has shown that dieting and restriction of "unhealthy" foods don't work, and Christy is here to let the world know. Her podcast, Food Psych, has climbed sky high in iTunes ratings, surpassing even offerings from famous diet-friendly celebrities like Jillian Michaels.

You can find her podcast here, follow for updates on Twitter, and like it on Facebook.

Dana Harrison

Dana is both a nutritionist and nutrition educator. On Instagram, she provides delightful anecdotes and real-time updates of what a balanced, positivity-focused lifestyle looks and feels like. She frequently updates her Instagram stories with her thoughts, budget-friendly food purchases, and silly experiences for others to learn from and never fails to remain honest about wellness.

To get in on her calm and accessible approach to health, follow her on Instagram.

Danielle Omar

Danielle Omar's mission is to motivate and inspire her followers, especially busy women like herself. Writer, integrative dietitian, and founder of Food Confidence, she shares her favorite easy recipes, drops nutrition knowledge, and empowers over 14,000 followers through her Twitter feed.

To get inspired to cook meals even the busiest of people have time for, follow her here.

David Katz

Dr. David Katz claims over 30,000 followers on his Twitter page, and for good reason. A graduate of Yale and founder of the True Health Initiative, Katz spreads thoughtful and trustworthy information about the latest when it comes to food.

Follow his Twitter to remain in-the-know with accountable nutrition news.

Dawn Blatner

Sports Nutritionist for the Chicago Cubs and author of The Flexitarian Diet and The Superfood Swap, Dawn Blatner spreads her fun-loving personality and free resources for healthy eating on her Instagram and website. She makes simple infographics to help even the laziest cooks keep a healthy kitchen and lives fully and stylishly for over 10,000 followers to see.

Find her Instagram and resources here.

Diane Sanfilippo

Diane Sanfilippo is a social media superstar: She claims over 95,000 Instagram followers, podcast listeners worldwide, nearly 50,000 Twitter followers, and a slew of helpful videos on YouTube. It's no surprise she's in such high demand. Diane's healthy lifestyle tips range from skincare to spices and can be read in more detail in her book Practical Paleo. Her daily recipe swaps and motivations are relatable and always changing, so you'll never be bored following along.

Elisa Zied

With over 42,000 following her every move on Twitter, Elisa Zied isn't afraid to speak her mind about nutrition, politics, and more. Elisa has been featured in over 23 major newspapers, three network prime-time shows, and consistently contributes to four online media outlets. She constantly retweets and tweets about what's on her mind and shows followers how to live their most active and inspired lifestyle.

To listen in, follow her on Twitter.

Gillian KcKeith

Pictures of food are few and far between on this nutritionist's profile. She's authored nine bestselling books, starred in two TV shows, and wowed everyone with her exciting lifestyle. McKeith travels the world, parties, and showcases her family values on her Instagram feed to show all 70,000-plus of her followers that healthy living doesn't have to be boring or restrictive. The owner of her own research company, McKeith Research Ltd, McKeith is dedicated to helping followers and experts find helpful information about topics such as nutrition, superfoods, and more.

Follow this nutrition celebrity on Instagram here.

Janet Helm

This nutrition journalist and registered dietitian, Janet Helm, has a lot to say about health, and social media is the best way to hear it and stay up to date. She keeps up with the latest diet trends and fads to debunk the mixed messages so you don't have to.

Follow Janet Helm on Twitter to listen in on her thought-provoking take on wellness.

Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, bestselling health author, and international health blogger. Through her personal brand, JSHealth, she passionately teaches people how to achieve a balanced lifestyle and body through whole foods. She speaks passionately about controversial topics like indulging in "unhealthy" foods and exercising less often for weight loss, while also providing recipes and nutrition how-to's.

Join nearly 150,000 of her followers on Instagram or find her on Facebook and YouTube to get inspired.

Joy Bauer

Joy Bauer is the founder of food company Nourish Snacks and a nutrition expert for NBC's Today Show — not to mention, she is absolutely killing it on Twitter. With over 260,000 followers watching closely for her coveted nutrition tips and tricks, Joy would make a great addition to your healthiest Twitter feed.

Find her Twitter here.

Julieanna Hever

Hever is not only a nutritionist, but also a lifestyle coach, wellness guru, and fitness expert. She shares her expert advice in these four fields on her Twitter to over 23,000 followers and offers her wisdom on food politics and social issues alongside it. A fierce believer in eating plant-based, she has the environment and the nation's health on her mind.

Follow her Twitter account for updates.

Keri Gans

Keri Gans works on social media initiatives as well as through traditional media to deliver honest information about nutrition and wellness on a global scale. "I look to science to make decisions on the newest trend or fad and am never afraid to speak on a controversial topic," she says.

To hear her opinions and the articles she loves to share, join over 19,000 people worldwide and follow her on Twitter.

Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly began her journey when she was in a rough place: She had acne, low energy, and struggles with her weight. Then she backpacked around the world and found all her answers.

She's a mom, New York Times bestselling author, and beauty guru — once you're done wanting to be her, you'll have to follow her. Plant-based simplicity, weekly wisdom, and amazing recipes are delivered through her Instagram to nearly 200,000 followers each day.

Follow along with her holistic discoveries on Instagram and Twitter.

Lee Holmes

Cookbook author and meditation guru Lee Holmes features attainable health on her Instagram with recipes anyone can make. She's passionate about gut health, and started her website after being diagnosed with a non-specific autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. Changing her diet has helped improve her symptoms, and now she's on her way to educating the world on how to do the same.

All of her recipes and helpful how-to videos are featured on her Instagram.

Linda Miner

Recently named one of the Top 10 Nutrition Experts to Follow on Twitter by the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), Miner consistently posts videos, nutrition tips, and helpful infographics to help followers lead their healthiest and most balanced lives.

Follow her feed on Twitter for daily inspiration and wellness advice.

Lisa Hayim

Lisa Hayim helps over 45,000 of her Instagram followers learn the truth about health and nutrition. She lives by eating mindfully and practicing wellness for physical and mental health. Hayim is committed to helping average Americans access the information they need to make mindful health choices. She recently used her influence via Facebook and Instagram Live to debunk the media's obsessive coverage of the coconut oil scare, and remains dedicated to honesty and transparency when it comes to health trends.

Follow her on Instagram or like her on Facebook to hear what she has to say.

Liz Weiss

For years, Liz was the voice behind the popular brand Meal Makeover Mom; however, the site was recently retired and swapped for Liz's Health Table. The healthy family recipes and accessible nutrition advice are featured on her Twitter for you to get in real time.

Follow her on Twitter here or listen to her podcast for more.

McKel Hill

If you're not following her already, it's time to join over 280,000 people around the world who are tuning in to McKel Hill's revered advice. McKel Hill MS RDN is a registered dietitian and founder of Nutrition Stripped. Her blog comes out with new recipes weekly — all featured in front of gorgeous pastel backdrops on her Instagram.

McKell Hill provides nutrition tips, wellness advice, and more on her beautiful account.

Melissa Dobbins

Melissa Dobbins is a jack of all trades when it comes to sharing: she's blowing up on Twitter, reaching thousands of listeners with her podcast, and has over fifteen years of professional speaking and seminar experience. You don't have to go to one of her seminars to hear her advice, however. She constantly updates Twitter with the latest on her thoughts about health.

Follow along here.

Melissa Rifkin

Melissa Rifkin's Instagram posts feature adorable fonts and provide quick nutrition tips, and her account boasts over 83,000 followers. There's a reason so many people are tuning in: With incredible meal prep guides and never-boring snack ideas, it's no wonder her food is going viral.

Follow her gorgeous Instagram here.

Mia Syn

Mia Syn is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and host of Good Food Friday on ABC WCIV-TV in Charleston, South Carolina. As one of the most recognized and trusted young dietitians in the media, her content serves as a healthy lifestyle resource for thousands of television viewers and readers around the globe.

If you missed her on TV, you can get her off-air tips and expert advice on her very popular Instagram account.

Mitzi Dulan

With a book title like The Pinterest Diet, Mitzi Dulan clearly loves social media. And she's doing a fantastic job at it — she shares recipes and guidance from her own life as the nutritionist for the 2015 MLB World Champion Kansas City Royals, mom of two children, and star guest on major television programs such as The Dr. Oz Show and various CNN segments. She will soon be launching her own snack food brand, simplyFUEL, and plans to continue spreading nutritional knowledge and inspiration.

To see more, follow Mitzi on Twitter.

Rachel Paul

You won't find any complicated or unattainable recipes on her Instagram profile — Rachel Paul is all about keeping things simple. She spreads tips and tricks that lead even the busiest students and parents to lifelong wellness.

Her beautiful bowls make colorful veggies and lean protein actually look like something you'll want to eat.

Rebecca Gawthorne

She's glamorous, gorgeous, and so healthy. Gawthorne has helped thousands of clients to improve their eating, but she also helps over 146,000 followers improve for free every single day. On her feed, she offers up advice and an exhibit of her own life to serve as a model for healthful, happy living.

To follow along, check out her Instagram here.

Rebecca Scritchfield

Rebecca Scritchfield, author of bestselling book Body Kindness and fitness specialist, shares advice, updates, and fun videos to help followers live their healthiest lives. Her motto? Say no to dieting and instead practice self-love. With over 15,000 Twitter followers listening to her ray of positivity each day, she has impacted the lives and healthy habits of thousands.

To become one of them, follow her on Twitter here.

Regan Jones

Regan Jones is an award-winning dietitian and lover of sharing — so much so that she has nine popular social media accounts. As founder of Healthy Aperture, a recipe discovery site for those looking to get started with a healthy lifestyle, she has her hands full with opportunities to share her healthy eating expertise.

Find all of her accounts on her website.

Sammi Haber

Sammi Haber is the founder of Nutrition Works NY, an office in New York City based on the "All Foods Fit" model of nutrition. Featured in media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Time Inc., and Food and Nutrition Magazine, Sammi is also crazy active on Instagram — daily, she shares recipes and tips for over 40,000 followers.

Follow her on Instagram for easy meal ideas or read more on the Nutrition Works NY website.

Shira Lenchewski

Shira has contributed to the regimens of major celebrities (such as Lauren Conrad and Gwyneth Paltrow) and has been featured on Refinery29, Elle, and more. She both practices and preaches the mantra "Being healthy doesn't have to suck" — and we agree. Pretty much nothing about Shira's diet sucks — her recipes, tutorial videos, and relatable advice make her a great resource to her nearly 22,000 followers.

Follow her on Instagram here.

Steph Lowe

Author and popular Australian nutritionist Steph Lowe boasts over 24,000 Instagram followers to her page focused on metabolic efficiency and maximizing nutrition. She shares recipes and daily inspiration, and serves as a reservoir of helpful advice through her popular podcast, The Real Food Reel.

Follow her on Instagram here for an inside look at her philosophy.

Zoe Bingley

A nutritionist, mother, and chef and the founder of Nutritional Edge, Zoe Bingley contributes to huge media sites and collaborates with renowned health companies regularly. She shares what she learns through her career and her world travels with over 23,000 Instagram followers.

Join them here

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