Trader Joe's Items
Photo Modified: Trader Joe's

The 53 Products Trader Joe's Customers and Employees Love the Most

From the produce aisle to the frozen section, these are Trader Joe’s most loved items
Trader Joe's Items
Photo Modified: Trader Joe's

For their 50th Anniversary, Trader Joe’s released a list of their 53 most popular items.

Over the course of 50 years in business, Trader Joe’s has cutivated a cult following nearly on the level of fashion brands and boy bands. What started as an offbeat chain of convenience stores in 1967 has become a nationwide chain that has people flipping out over products and dedicating online think pieces to things like their Coconut Cold Brew and Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend. It’s been imitated by lesser brands, but truly nothing can compete with this tiki-themed grocery store paradise.

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Trader Joe’s has definitely “catered” many a dinner party you’ve attended with its delicious caramelized onion dip or triple cream Brie cheese spread on a Some Enchanted Cracker. If you lived near a TJ’s in college, Two Buck Chuck was probably your forever staple. Even those of us who have lived in a world without Trader Joe’s can scarcely imagine what that would look like today. Once you have $1 canned wine, there is no going back.

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In honor of its 50th anniversary, the store released their list of top 53 products. These are items loved by customers and members of the Trader Joe’s Crew (aka their employees) across the United States. Clearly, they listen to the online buzz about some of our fave items, like their gluten-free cheese pizza and their addictive Unexpected Cheddar. But there are well loved items on the list that we have yet to sample and will be sure to look through this slideshow before we hit the store to see what we must add to our carts the next time we venture in.